22kW Electric Control Panel


I'm looking into buying a distilling controller. I need something that provides 22KW of power (4x5500W elements).

I found this one, but it only has 1 SSR and only supports 7KW.

PID Controller KIT for Distillation ( 240V 30A 7200W) @ Auber Instruments

The DSPR400 supports up to 6 SSR in parallel, so I guess I can use this as a starting point. I looked on StillDragon.com, but didn't find anything either. Any guidance will be appreciated.



  • There are a lot of ways to skin the cat when looking at controllers. Assuming you have a few available 240v circuits available, you can build your own controller with the variety of Auber parts. What is your still volume? For 4 elements on a boiler around 100 gallons, you could put two elements on the SSR for variable control dusing the run, and the other two on simple contactors for preheat-only use. One suggestion is to go with the largest enclosure you can. That cute little Auber box is nice, but not for more than two element control. love the DSPR power controllers and use one myself on one of my rigs, and also on a brewery as a boil control.

    Dean Palmer - Director of Rum - Cotherman Distilling - Dunedin, FL

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