Whiskey Run

Can I do a whiskey run from unhoped beer at 5%, If so how many bubble plates and dephleg or product condenser?



  • So, shall I pot still first and then spirit run with only one or two plates ? Would it be a good idea to out a few hops in the GB4 I have or drop them straight into the boiler ?


  • If brewing from scratch, never use hops. You will end up with unwanted bitter tastes.

  • Thanks @richard

    I just fermented malt extract and mashed a few grains, no hops, no boil. So no hops as a late addition whilst distilling ? Ok

    How about the run, pot still first or do a hybrid with a few plates ?

  • If it was me, I would strip and then run with a couple of plates.

  • 2-3 plates will give you plenty of flavour in 1 pass.

  • The lower the ABV, the greater the benefit from doing a separate strip/spirit. IMHO, the lower the ABV, the earlier tails comes on.

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    If its 5% i would compress it, meaning doing a stripp run and keeping everything. Running everything through and keeping even late tails. Then you will have a low wine with all taste in it. When you do this you will infact keep more taste as the first run will not act as as refinement but more a enrichment of the fastes. If you will use a secondary ( one plate) or a third plate on the spiritrun i dont know... You can always re run some fractions close to the hearts in next spirit run.

    To my understanding the whiskey could be to ”clean” if you run it from the mash if its to weak.

    It should be understood that you dont dilute the wines and they should be quite weak still, maybe 20 %., and that you should run with close to zero reflux even if you use plates in the second run.

  • Thanks for the above comments, I think I've got a handle on it now, Cheers !

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