Scotch Question

I'd sort of like to try my hand at Scotch. From what little experimenting I've done, that means I'm going to have to go down into the tails to get the smoke across. I really really don't like headaches and hangovers. Ask 10 people about heads, tails, and headaches get 20 answers. I'm pretty damn sure heads are a bad thing in that regard but really unsure on tails. Based on internet research people seem to think that heads are important in Scotch flavor. This just does not jive with my limited experience. So the question I would like answered is how bad are tails in the production of headaches/hangovers?


  • Errr... For most whisky's (not just Scotch) you want a sharp heads cut to remove all of it - nothing interesting there, unlike for example fruit-based spirits. But you want at least some smearing between hearts and tails. You wouldn't want to do that with a drink that will be consumed in a few weeks time, but it will make the whisky far more interesting after 3+ years of aging in wood barrels.

    Too much HEADs gives a HEADache, to much tails give problems lower down - your stomach... But after aging your product should be fine.

  • That right. No heads. More tails longer aging but better flavour.

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