All Tails?

Did my first UJSSM style wash in about 10 years. My only recent distillations have been a couple of lovely TPW's on a fractionating still (nothing but a tall packed column). I used 50% wheat 20% peated barley malt 30% malted barley. I went through the hot water business on the first generation out of curiosity having never done an all grain and still have not. I used a little less sugar than I normally would since I didn't know if the half ass conversion would work, end result in a pot still is that the run started coming off at 120 and quickly descended to 100 and on down. I collected way on down to about 5-10 proof. I didn't notice any particular bad taste or smell while distilling.

I closed lids on the jars and this morning when I went to put them in a container for further processing I was very surprised at the smell. I have never run into this before. I'm thinking that by coming off at such a low proof, tails started immediately. I only used corn in UJSSM years ago and never ran into this. I'm hoping the fractionating or my vapor management still will clean it up.

Comments please.


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    Tails only gonna come up early if you throw too much heat at the kettle or your yeast was totally stressed out.

    If you made cuts I'd consider it a strip with cuts

    Run it again and think like a potstiller.

    EDIT: oh wait,,,you did a single ,pot still run?

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  • Yes. I gathering several runs before rerunning them.

  • Heat and over worked yeast should not be the problem. There seems to be a progression in the smell I never used peated barley before and usually get higher abv's on the other stills. 1500 watts never been a problem. I really thinking its tails smell to the extreme because of low abv.

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    @Rocky_Creek said: end result in a pot still is that the run started coming off at 120 and quickly descended to 100 and on down.

    Seems pretty low numbers for a pot run, heads starting at 120 than quickly dropping to 100? Sounds like there wasn't much alcohol in the wash. I've heard people describe this as being very tailsy before.

  • if you suspect low alcohol, measure the gravity of the cooled backset for sugar..

  • Great idea. I suspect low sugar due to holding back some because of not knowing how conversion was going to go. SG was at 1 before distilling. I'll check the backset also. Thanks everyone.

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