Doubts about my first ProCap Dash column

Hi distillers, here Ivan from Argentina,

I am creating the order for my first column a 4" ProCap Dash and I have some doubts ....

I live far away and pass items through my customs is complicated, I want to order everything necessary to have it operational, avoid errors and additional shipments.

In the options shown: "4 x 4" x 4 "x 3" Stainless Steel TriClamp Tee + $ 240.00 What is it????

If I want to add more ProCap modules, I buy only the complete set and can I connect it? I do not need to add anything else?

I'm going to build the kettle in my country, with a 4" clamp output to connect a whiskey head later, which connection options to kettle I have to add to connect the column directly to the output of 4" of the keg

Thank you!!!


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