What keeps the packing in the column?


I am considering to buy a StillDragon as my first still. I have no experience whatsoever.

I am wondering what keeps the packing suspended in the pipe. I see the pipes are completely open at both ends.

I suppose a "filter disk" is used to this purpose, but again I don't see what would keep the filter disk in place.

Maybe it is to be clamped in the junction between two elements, but wouldn't that mean to add another gasket, thus modifying the height of the junction? How does it work?

Thanks for the basic help


  • Depends on what kind of packing you use. I use SS scrubbies and hold them in place with an empty copper plate; one without bubble caps.

  • In a 2 inch column Iv always found the stainless Steel scrubbers packed quite tightly will hold themselves in the column.

    I use SPP now which are like little springs that are quite heavy. Funnily enough, I hold all of them in the column with a chunk of steel scrubber.

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    Basically a lot depends on size of SPP. This is one that I have done for a 125mm internal diameter tube


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  • I have 4 inch dia 3 foot long section filled with stainless scrubbers, it is packed tight and nothing moves during handling or in usage, except the vapor !

    I did use a filter disk at one stage, but they are too restrictive when running hard and fast, drilled out would be better, but I no longer bother with it at all.


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    McMaster-Carr Sanitary Tube Fitting Gaskets w/Screen


    I'm sure you can find them cheaper, but this should give you a good idea.

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    Filter Disks @ StillDragon Europe


    Gaskets @ StillDragon Europe


    Like here!

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  • Thanks to all. I plan to use copper mash and stainless steel gasket, I trust you they will stay in position by themselves (given the proper density of the packing). The gasket with filter posted by Schiefe4 seems to be very effective, to be used instead of a normal gasket. If I get it right the filter sold by SD should remain in place by "interference" with the pipe, I mean simply with attrition.

  • No, the SD filter discs sit on the ferrule below, they are wider than the pipe. They are however too fine a mesh for just holding packing in and in some cases can cause flooding if the power is too high.

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