New member from Italy

Greetings everybody,

I'm from Italy and I have begun a few months ago to homebrew. That led me quite naturally toward examining distilling. I examined the subject enough and I decided that distilling certainly a nice hobby with a lot of complementarity with homebrewing.

So I decided to buy a still, and that's when my problems begun!

After many hours of studies about various types of still (alembics, columns with CM, LM and VM what I examined) I think I have settled on column with CM.

The aim is to buy a still which would allow me to distill both vodka and aromatic distillates, maybe with two different configurations.

I will normally have no pomace available, besides sugar wash for liqueurs I am aiming at whisky, rum and brandy.

I will certainly post various questions in the next days, regarding problems I have with the understanding of stills and the pros and cons of different solutions (etc. plates vs packing, windows/no windows, using parrot with a small setup, and others). I will then ask advice regarding the final purchase.

I will then ignore the advice ;)



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