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Difference between using a fine or coarse cornmeal in recipe



  • Assuming you're replying to me, I have two screens, 3/16th and 1/8th inch. The picture is of 1/8th. I don't think there is such a thing as too fine, its course enough to still clog my spray balls which is a pain. I was actually thinking of trying 1/16" to avoid the clogging as the mill out paces the auger so the additional milling time would likely be irrelevant.

  • @jbierling can you pm me what you paid for it, we are dying for a hammer mill.

  • @jbierling What is your process for mashing, especially with corn. Do you hammer it quite fine until it is more of a flour consistency? Do you separate at all before the ferment or distillation stage, or do you find it separates by itself?

    Trying to gauge what the best place for me to start is with using a fine corn, compared to flaked corn

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    @grim the screen size is 1/16". I didn't picture the hopper, but built in a slide gate on it to throttle the feed. The little I ran it, it gave a flour consistency with maybe 25% or so of meal consistency. I'll never be doing that much with it. Just like building that sort of stuff. The hub is mounted directly onto the motor shaft. I use a C-face motor with a rigid base for extra mounting surface. From the info I could find, commercial mills run at a tip speed of 16000 - 24000 ft/min. The one pictured with a 3450 rpm motor should be at 13500. Sounds like a turbine engine when cranking up. It's a "bad" mosquito!

    Am hoping a 5hp would work but not sure. Hate to buy one and be stuck with it. Friend gave me a 7.5 hp but it had a shorted winding. (damn the luck!) Suggestions anyone?

    Thanks @jbierling. I appreciate it.

  • @jbierling, the corn is just bounced around inside the screen on that unit? When I was looking for something to follow, I did not find that unit. Most of the smaller ones I saw were built similar to what I did. If I am correct, yours is 18" diameter. What I built has an ID of 14ish".

    The gears pictured are from a slip disc manual PTO clutch. Friend found 2 of them for me for a bottle. Welded them together to make the barrel 4 1/2" wide.

    Keep suggestions coming. I need to finish this thing.

  • I have a larger 145tc motor - but it’s 1700rpm

  • Single phase or 3 phase?

  • Ah it’s only 2hp, I thought it was at least 3. 3 phase.

  • @grim PM sent

    @zizther Everything is quite fine, and with corn you'll want to use enzymes. Its distilled on the grain.

    @Pa_bon Yes, the grain just gets hammered against the screen until its small enough to go through. Extremely simple design. Yes, its 18" in diameter.

  • Would anyone think 1/64 screen be too fine?

  • I don't know where you all are located. Im in NY I use corn exclusively. We malt our own actually. I have 3 distilleries within 30 miles they all use very expensive 3 phase mills. I ask my local feed mill for corn flour @ 8.00 per 100lbs. they charge me an extra .05 cents because I request 50lbs bags because im old. why spend the extra money and headache to mill yourself when its pennies more to get it how you want?

  • @Littlechicago Thanks for that reference. I will have a look round for local feed mills. As you say, could be easier and cheaper.

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