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Sudden Drop in Vodka Proof on Spirit Run

edited January 2018 in Usage

Hey, everybody! Quick question to ponder (and any help is appreciated):

We've been running a 18-plate Crystal Dragon with 100 gallon kettle for our vodka production. We've had this setup since August of last year and have been able to consistently hit 95.625% ABV on each of our 100% wheat low wine runs. However, the past two days, for some reason, we're struggling to even hit 95% ABV.

Here's our basic rundown:

  • 500 Gallon, 100% wheat mash typically at 1.088 SG. Fermentation to 1.000
  • Stripped to approx. 125 gallons of low wines at 36% ABV
  • Proofed down to 25% ABV with tap water then fed into the kettle
  • Full reflux for one hour, then slowly exiting reflux into heads

This typically gets us to 95.5% ABV by the time we hit hearts (about an hour into distillation).

However, these past two runs, we've done the exact same thing we've always done. The temperature of the kettle is the same, amount of water and temp of dephleg is the same. The only thing that's changed is the proof is struggling to get over 94.5 and there's a slight cloudiness in the final distillate.

Any help is greatly appreciated!


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