Whiskey on a 6 Plate 4 Inch

So I have a 6 plate, 4 inch flute. It makes a good spirit. I would like to make more whiskey was wondering if I should drop down to 4 plates. Unfortunately my flute is not modular so I would have to buy ProCap tee sections. Do you get much more flavor by only using 4 plates? I thought I would stack the six, pull the fores, and then run it in pot still mode...Any insight into my situation would be appreciated.



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    in general the more plates the more refined your spirit will be. 4 plates will produce more flavour than 6

    You might want to try stacking the 6 plate column to start (ie in full reflux), pull fores and early heads then turn off the coolant supply to the dephleg for the rest of the run. See how it goes.

    The beauty of the StillDragon modular range is the ease with how you can reconfigure your system to try different things / make different products.

  • Proof, IMO, is more important when the plate count difference is that small. With 6 plates, you'll be pulling around the 165-170 range, which would be great if you were making light whiskey. It got to the point where my dephleg was basically non-functional when trying to bring the proof down and it dropped below my target. Pain in the ass but still got an awesome grain flavor. To hit the 155-160 you want to run 4 plates through your run and fine-tune.

    So basically, it depends what you want to make. "Light Whiskey" isn't exactly light, more of a classification. Just as flavorful when aged. If you want true legal "not above 160" whiskey, you go 4 plates.

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