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Surge Breaker Cleaning

edited September 2013 in Configuration

A few PMs with @BenStiller concerning the cleaning of the SD surge breaker.

He asked:

...noticed a significant amount of grime in the surge breaker that is particularly difficult to access. No fluid should reach this part during the cleaning part and I am afraid that if I do not clean it well, it might contaminate my product at some point (surge or simply the gunk sliding down at a latter time). Is there a particularly efficient strategy to clean this?

My response to surge breaker cleaning was:

You can put it in a pot of boiling soapy water. Q-tips should reach the hard to reach areas.

But I just had to work my way through it using a new-off-the-shelf surge breaker.

After a half hour boil in soapy water it was attacked with chopsticks, Q-tips (cotton swabs) with needle nose pliers, 95% alcohol and tissue paper. All removed some grime. But I needed real physical action to get it clean.

Enter the wire clothes hanger. A quick cut and bend and it was very easy to grab either cloth or tissue, with our without the alcohol solvent, and give it the good deep cleaning.


surge breaker cleaning.JPG
800 x 600 - 64K


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