Structured Packing Stainless Steel Woven Mesh

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Saw this on Alibaba - any advice on using this in 1 meter of 4" packed section appreciated.


600 x 800 - 50K


  • 4 inch high section is $18.40

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    Like this


    800 x 347 - 16K
  • I feel safe in saying that no one here has mentioned using anything like that, and nearly everyone would appreciate someone using it and putting notes... Ideally, it would be compared to a known entity, such as scrubbies, by holding all other variables constant.

  • will not fit in a 4" pipe...

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  • What's the internal diameter of the 4"?

  • Yes BUT will fit into a NW100 pipe .... 104/100 OD/ID.

  • Well spotted Sunshine. I measured the internal diameter as 3.8". The manufacturer says he can make that size, so I've ordered some. I'll run some tests against spp (if I have any left-it's constantly trying to escape, probably wants to head home to Poland) and scrubbies or mesh

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    I received the packing a few weeks ago. Beautifully packed in a solid wooden box which fit the items exactly so it probably wasn't a standard size. I thought someone had sent me a couple of bottles of rare Isla single malt or vintage cognac.

    I haven't had enough wash or time to do any comparative testing, but I used it last night on my four inch column- 2 meters of the structured mesh and 2 meters of scoria-my first run with both-plus a sight glass filled with scoria and a couple of bubble plates for something to look at. With a column that height and so much packing I can make no judgement on performance for either product. Bear in mind also that I started mashing and distilling about 3 months ago and most of my time has been occupied trying to figure out how to do 40 gallon all grain all wheat mashes without blocking my soon to be ex therminator, (solved by getting an exchilerator) and how to strip wash the all grain wash with electric elements without scorching it, which I haven't managed yet and have had to resort to gas.

    The 4 meters of packing worked as expected and I was able to get nearly 6.5 litres ph at around 96% on my electric parrot, which I don't think is set up optimally yet and varies a bit from my 90-100 abv alcohol meter.

    Apart from the excellent packing and responsive communication I was very impressed by the ease of use of the mesh. The 3.8 inch sections fit perfectly and seemed not to require any support although they were resting on the scoria during the run. They're extremely light which made it very easy to lift in a 2 metre section, unlike the scoria, which is a definite keeper but very heavy and quite messy if you're not careful.

    The mesh looks very similar to some of the sulzer and boegger products and you can find far better measurements on their sites

    Structured Packings - Energy-efficient, innovative and profitable (PDF)


    Wire Gauze Packings – Woven Meshes for High Separation Efficiency

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    The only other packing I've used is the amphora society copper mesh which I like and will continue using when I think the wash needs the copper and SPP which is a complete pita will probably never use again.

    Short video attached

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