HI all, a quick question about tightening nuts on all thread. How tight do you go? The reason I ask, is when I first assembled the still, I was concerned that the glasses were a bit 'wobbly' and I think I may have overtightened and compressed the silicone gaskets between glasses, as occasionally I would get product coming down the outside of the still from where two sections met. So am I just trying to hold everything in place with minimal pressure? Cheers


  • Malty. I have assembled my 5" 8 plate a few times and remember the first time I did it and I had the same question. It is deadly important that you are 100% that all lenses are in the gasket properly as it can be a little difficult. The new lenses are easier than the old sharp edged ground glass that has not been flame treated. Once you start tightening recheck all lips of gasket to see glass is in place and not hung up anywhere. Flip the lips all round with your finger once slightly tight to confirm. Do it off still as well so you can turn over and work on.

    The I just tighten till reasonable pressure but doing it alternate sides many times in a good pattern. Once tightened up there is definitely no wobble and I have not had any leaks. Of course only experience defines reasonable tightness and also the 5" has more rods than the 4 and 2 units so I can't comment on their rigidity . The 5 is solid assembly once tightened.

  • I have had a couple customers now have trouble with the new 4" glass. The rounded edges seem to create a slippery effect when going to 6 plates.

    I am trying to source new glass now that still has the flame cut edges but is cut flatter. Just got 8" in last week and will be ordering new 4" in the next couple of weeks.

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  • Thanks. I should have mentioned I am using the Baby dragon. I will double check everything is seated well before next run.

  • Ahhh no haven't had any issues reported with the Ace of Hearts.

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    @punkin I am only using a couple of the new flame glass in my 8 assembly and that slippery effect is what seems to make them easier to assemble. The possibility that having a complete multi stack of them being overly 'Loose" is possible or is it just the flatness that is the problem. Mine appear good in 5". Maybe the a\majority of the old ground glass lock it all together.

    Knowing nothing about glass cutting techniques i assumed they were cut the same as the old glass ( mechanically ?? ) then flamed to roll over the edges and smooth out. Maybe a quick grind after the flame technique would roughen the flats but leave the lovely less fragile rounded edges

  • 2 x 4 plate $" CD assembled into 8 plate + 2 plate packed section here..

    Gasket & Glass Assembly tightening did require plenty of patience & several drinks to get into alignment.

    Not sure if it was the slow & steady or the drinks that did the job but got there in the end.

    I suggest you use boiling water & drop the gaskets in & handle with tongs while building the CD... watch your first couple of runs as the glass heats up the gasket softens & the glass will slip if not correct. Tighten to compress the gaskets & glass during a water test run to be sure.

    Cheers - off now to Speyside & Highlands, UK for a couple of weeks :)

  • Punkin provided the answer..... After assembling and reassembling 3 times during a frustrating run yesterday, we got to the 'heart' of the matter ('scuse the pun). Some of the new glass was slightly uneven and one had a very slight raised part. 20 seconds on the sandpaper smoothed things out and now it runs like a dream.

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    Great stuff. The answer came from one of my customers with a 4" system having the same problem. It seems some of the fire polished glass, although having a much better finish and presentation is prone to unevenness on the edges.
    Placing some 400 grit paper on a flat surface and a little rubbing smooths the high spots and flattens the curve allowing the lenses to sit better within the gaskets and flush against each other.

    The new glass supplier will hopefully eliminate this with flatter glass.

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