CNN piece on "Why whiskey tastes better with water!"


  • That's an interesting read, I've found that my rum and my peach brandy tastes better at 125-130p on the rocks than straight from the jug.

    even the few I've cut to 100p doesn't have that aromas or taste to compare to the higher proof on the rocks.

    I'd like to find the sweet spot because once diluted it starts to release the full flavors and by the end of a drink it may be a bit bland but still good although intoxication may be to blame at that point, who knows!!!

    I'd hate to waste a gallon of my finest peach brandy to find it isn't as good at 100p vs 115p

    I don't do shots so I'm not worried about burning my esophagus nor damaging the lining of my throat but sipping at barrel strength on the rocks has a magical point during dilution that's the shit!!!!

    And for those who don't understand my lingo- the shit means something great. lol. Just thought I'd clear that up before I'm known as yuk mouth.

    Great read FullySilenced, thanks!


  • I find that when I dilute my brandy or rum spirit down to drinking strength (40% ABV) it is quite crazy for about 24 hours. The oils and other components take at least that long to combine and settle down. Then when I drink it I put a little bit of water in it splits up the oils again but not as bad as the first dilution, its actually better as it expands the flavour profile.

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    I found this and wonder if it was the basis to the cnn article with only one day between. Pretty heavy but some of you may find it interesting

    Dilution of whisky – the molecular perspective

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