Single Malt Whisky

Hey everyone, I'm just begin having fun with my new pot still. I would like to make a single malt whisky, scotch style. Do you have any recipes?


  • Not sure about where you're from and how much you know about mashing. Basically you make beer with peated barley and distill.

  • +1, but smoking with different things or not even smoking it makes great whiskey too...

  • Actually, to be a proper single malt, you don't really need peat or smoke. Irish whiskey can also be a single malt. Building on Unsensibel's comment, if you're an allgrain brewer, a single malt's easy to do. Although many just use one base malt, some of the flavors in specialty grains can come through nicely in a well-made whiskey. Think crystal or honey malts.

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  • use pale brewing malted barley about 3.5kg crushed to make 20L a wash of 6/7% . mash in at 62/63C rest for 1hour then sparge at 80/82C

  • Hey there, I've been making Whisky for a while now, best results have been from straight Manuka smoked grain, and also red X caramalt came out pretty special, even an apple wood smoked malt one I made a few weeks ago is pretty good without aging in the barrel. I usually do a twenty or twenty five kilo bag of grain, and a twenty five kilo bag of Dex! Will give me around the 120 litres at six or seven percent! I also sparge the shit out of the grain cos the tannins aren't a problem, sometimes I even mash the spent grain again if the flavours are fragile and still in grain. Ferment with modiferm and a yeast with am. glucosidae. Just be warned it will froth right up through the your column if you're not careful!

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