Thanks For All The Info

To all the contributors I'd like to say Thank You for the endless information here for me, a beginner. My sponge is full and my eyes are bleeding but I keep reading... Hopefully one day, I'll be posting about a successful run.


  • Thanks for the great into, and welcome to our well-off community. :)

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  • welcome.

    there is a lot to be said about jumping in once your sponge is full. you will learn a lot more then i.e. put the theory into practice. then you'll have a whole bunch of other questions ;)

  • Did a cleaning run with some cheap Chardonnay and water (~9% ABV including water). I recognized several things I read about... Foreshots and its smell, the different "stages" after that... I switched out jars after about 8 oz. I saw the differences. After the foreshots were thrown out, the next 20 ounces or so were crystal clear though only 70 proof... Then it started getting cloudy. I continued to collect around 16 oz of that and looked at in jar---proof dropped to 60-- ... Almost looked like little bity bits of snot floating in product... It felt slimier too I guess fussel oils? ... All this run was thrown out but even on this limited batch cleaning run I saw and smelled and finger-tasted differences... Excited to keep learning, more exciting than just reading about it... Thanks guys!!!

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