Inner diameter of the 3" SD ferrules

Hi Guys

I'm in the UK and our 3" copper pipe has an outer diameter of 76.2mm

I see the SD 3" ferrules on SD Europe website have a stated inner diameter of 79.6mm, however there is a smaller diameter inside the ferrule, does anyone know the size of it please?

3" Tri-Clamp EZ Flange Brass @ StillDragon Europe

Also if anyone know the same info for the 4" ferrules, that would also be useful for trying to match UK size copper pipe, thanks.


  • 3" Tri-Clamp EZ Flange Brass @ StillDragon Europe

    • ID Pipe End: 79.6 mm
    • ID Flange End: 75.6 mm

    4" Tri-Clamp EZ Flange Brass @ StillDragon Europe

    • ID Pipe End: 105 mm
    • ID Flange End: 98 mm

    Measurements taken manually with caliper, slight deviations are possible ;)

    StillDragon Europe - Your StillDragon® Distributor for Europe & the surrounding area

  • Thanks @Sunshine, our UK 3" copper pipe is 76mm, so it's possible the 3" ferrules could be used if modified slightly.

  • @Sunshine

    It would be great for us guys in the UK if you could get some 3" and 4" ferrules made for U.K. Standard pipe.

    I'm not sure how the American sized ones you stock compare with the rest of Europe but in the UK the outer diameter of our 3" and 4" pipe is 76mm and 108mm respectively.

    The 2" ones you supply fit UK pipe perfectly as our 2" is 54mm

  • BUMP. I have been using a ring cut off the end of a straight end feed coupling as a spacer.

    You need to reduce the outer dia of the spacer a little bit but it is not a big deal. I suppose you could cut a spacer from flat copper sheet but I couldn't be bothered.

    Some female reducing fittings fit the 3" ferrule just fine.

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