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30L Turbo Boiler

Hey All I picked up a turbo boiler to do some small gin runs with the GB4 (also plan do do some 20L BIAB with it as well)

And I am just wondering if anyone else is doing this as I am concerned that I will havw issues with the weight of the gin basket, RC and PC

Did a quick mock up today and it felt very unstable

May have to look at getting a smaller RC and PC?

Will add pics later


  • I had this problem with our 30L stockpot. In the end, I did not use the GBK but only a filter in a 150mm 4" pipe, mounted on a 4x2 reducer. On the top of the pipe a second 4x2 reducer and then a bend and a condenser....It is not a classical GBK then, but for a 30L run it is quite ok.

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    450 x 800 - 61K
    450 x 800 - 59K
  • that does not look healthy ;) perhaps you could add some kind of support for the poor boiler?

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  • 2x4 to prop up the GB?

  • Maybe make up a brace that looks a bit like a shanghai with a long handle.
    Jam it in there between the basket feed and the lip of the boiler.
    If you had a heap of extra bends and pieces lying around you take out the offset so the weight was centered again.

  • That's the trouble when you put quality well made gear on top of not quality made gear. Turbo boiler lid not the thickest material. Buy another lid or 2 for 10 bucks each and put them together.

  • I had the same trouble just with a baby dragon mounted. I used a 2" standoff bracket and braced it against the wall. Not only is the lid threatening to buckle but the main problem is that the whole unit wants to tip over, especially when empty.

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  • Apart from the obvious that will work. Depends on your reason for the RC in place but with the volume of alcohol in the Turbo Boiler you wont need it as changing baskets adds complexities you normally don't want.

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