Runtime and Product Collection Rate on the 5" Dash

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Hi guys,

I started distilling on the 31st of March. The first batch wasn't as good as I would have liked. I was having trouble with the reflux controller. The second batch was far better - the wash I produced was much better too at just under 8% ABV.

My spirit runs are taking over 9 hours, heat up, stabilisation and collection together. It works out in the region of 55-60 ml product per minute. Average ABV of hearts cut is 67%.

The still is a 300L (250 litre fill capacity) with a 5'' column and reflux condenser. I aim for about 62°C in the RC coolant outflow. I run the still with one 5.5 kW element at 100% power for collection.

Can I do anything to speed up the run time while retaining product quality? I'm very happy with the product after the first batch.

One thing that comes to mind is doing several pot still stripping runs and re-distilling the resultant low wines.


  • I guess i would ask what you are running? And what your trying to produce? How many days a week are you planning on running as wash or mash storage will come into play...

    happy stillin,


  • Have you played around with the power level? More reflux and more power will allow you a greater take off rate with the Procaps. I have heard of people using up to 7000 watts with the 5".

    As FS says this is product dependent, but at 67% heats i gather you are taking wide cuts on a brown spirit with only a few plates?

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  • The column is 5'' with 3 bubble caps and a reflux condenser on the top. I'm making a poitín product. It's essentially unaged Irish whiskey. I'm permitted to collect product up to 94.7% (by law) but that would be potentially too light on flavour.

  • So should I ramp up the power to approximately 7000 watts and increase the reflux at the same time? I would prefer less congeners in the spirit if I'm being honest. Perhaps collect at 75% plus.

  • I make wash in 1000 litre batches. That gets me 4 days distilling. The other day is for brewing.

  • It's certainly something to play around with and seems to me to be the best way to maximize the advantages of the procaps.

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  • More power and more reflux to keep that brighter mouth feel.

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  • I would say double up on your heating elements and then adjust your reflux to get the speed and product your after...

  • Cheers guys for all the advice. I'll post how I get on in the next run.

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