BECO Filters Anybody?

Has any of you got any experience in using BECO filter sheets? I've heard that they do a pretty good job and some distillers are using a combination of them in their sheet filters. I'd be really plaesed if you could shre some experiences in using active carbon filter sheets.


  • I like to know more too and how much it cost too

  • Try stick to cartridge filtration, this because of higher filtration efficiencies as well as smaller footprint within the plant.

    String wound cartridges put in the dustbin and .... ensure that you only use absolute rated (beta 5,000 or better) pleated cartridges (preferably multi layered for depth).

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    Was just about to post on this one as well - is this for the pro section? Or hobby?

    Even the smallest plate systems will have quite significant losses compared to smaller cartridge systems. Not to mention, a halfway decent small plate system would cost a few thousand dollars.

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