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Stilldragons 8" column



  • @Lloyd said: You are helping to set a new standard in Sweden, congratulations to you, Harley. Its so good of you to give back so freely of your time and experience. I for one appreciate it. Someday all of Sweden will appreciate it too with the tasty drop from your distillery.

    Here here.

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  • Harley, do you know the output of a 3-4 bubble plate configuration in your 8"-er ? I mean, lets say, for a wash of 10 ABV.



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    Hi Moscca, i relly dont know this in real life yet, only in teori and from calculations.

    My 8 "20 pc plates vodka column has only about 8.5% hole, I expect about 15-20 liters per hour( same as sd 8" bubbelcaps plate shall give) from a 10% mash and my" loose "8" sieve plates which has 10.2% hole surface and that I should try it out in SD 8 "ss column with a number of 3-4pc likely to mean that much more between 20-25 liters based on the number 1.5mm hole ... same as 10" in bubbelcaps shall give...base on the number of bubbelcaps... with about 50% covered of plate area with bubbelcaps with shall be good both for speed and taste..

    so it would be optimal to have only 1pc return in 28mm( lik my modular returnpipe) in sd bubbelcaps plate of 8 "for then for one place with 18pc bubbelcaps and this could theoretically give 18 liters per hour .. it,s all about hole % to get speed out of both bubbelcaps ore sieve plates, and relly use the hole plate area...

    I have also calculated the flow in SD gorgeous copper bubbelcaps and my theoretical conclusion is that 1pc bubbelcaps will give about 1 liter per hour of product, so it should theoretically just be counting the number bubbelcaps on the plate so you can get a rough estimate of what plate can provide the product per hour from a 10% mash.

    All this is just a theory from my site yet, maybe someone else who has 4 "bubbelcaps plate can confirm the number bubbelcaps give about 1 liter per hour per bubbelcaps with 10% mash in real life ..

    Cheers :ar!

  • I don't know... a 4" SD bubble cap plate has 5 bubble caps and usually produces about 3 liters per hour to maintain acceptable purity. I personally can't get 5 liters per hour and get a quality product with 5 caps.

    It certainly could produce more than 5 liters per hour but the quality suffers, to me, at more than 3L/h. This is based on 4 to 6 plates. Maybe more plates or a better still operator could squeeze out more quality production - of this I am certain.

    If everything was really perfect, from the mash to the operator, then maybe 4 liters per hour with 5 SD caps. I can't see more than that. Not on the 4" Dash.

  • Hey Lloyd did you ever try to fit 6 SD caps on a 4" plate dash? I do remember seeing it somewhere, it might allow increased output. Do you think it would crowd the plate too much?

  • I'm pretty sure Pa collects his whiskey at around 83-86% right at about 5.3 liters per hour with a 4 or 5 plater.

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  • LOO might use his 3D modeling program to see if 6 bubble caps would fit in the 4" plate..

    might even try 7 to see if you can get em in there... MORE BUBBLES

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    Hi lloyd,

    To really find out true facts so want it to have a boiler that can be downloaded with 100 liters and charge it with a 10% mash ... then I think you can get out a little more with the good product quality than what you get today if your loading capacity is below 100 liters ..

    An 8 "requires enough 400-500 liter loading capacity to really be able to burdened to the max and be able to perform at max with high product ...

    An 8 "column is almost exactly four times greater in the plate than a 4" and should give at least 4 times more product per hour

    Since this is probably 5 caps in a 4 "column a "little large" number of caps if you should have about 50% caps of the activa surface .... so 4 caps and 4 liters per hour can probably be possible on a 100-liter load in boiler in theory .... which should correspond to 16 caps in an 8 "and 16 liters per hour with a 400-liter loading capacity ..

    This is just a theory based on calculations, mass reading, etc. ..

    it is precisely what I should check as soon as I get started ... liters per hour in both bubbelcaps as sieve plates in 8" ... and of course the quality too ..


  • Supplements: 4pc bubbelcaps is a bit too small in number to be 50% as optimal would be to divide a bubbelcaps to achieve 50% accurate ... so 5pc bubbelcaps can not be used at 100% and 4pc is too little .... It's necessary, at least 6 "column in order to really be able to determine what 1 pc bubbelcaps can produce under optimal conditions ..

    4" is a small size... dont forgett this.. It easier to gets 50% with bubbelcaps in a larger diameter....

    Cheers :ar!

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    This is a very interesting picture , from Forhsynt a 2pc vodka column... look really closely you will see that there is only 1pc reflux condenser, and it is in the last column, and there is 1pc Waterpipe that are going into the top of the top plate of each column. This is as far as I know a column with bubbelcaps with frequent pan and my solution to how this can work is that before they begin to distill, fill all the trays with water from above ... this may be a solution for those who have low ceilings and want to have more Bubel caps plates than they can fit, in my eyes, this is a simple solution to a low ceiling and the challenges that this brings ...


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  • Lloyd I have been getting 4 liters an hour when I started using all 3 elements on their own separate controls each. It was amazing the change when I went from element on it's own control to 3 on their own. it gave me 4 liters an hour and 85%.. It is great. I wish I had an agitator in the system... by the way I am using 5 bubble plates

  • Now see, that's my problem, I was shooting for 94+%. At ~85% I could push a lot more product through the parrot.

  • Lloyd how much are you pushing thru you're parrot at 85%?

  • @Smaug said: I'm pretty sure Pa collects his whiskey at around 83-86% right at about 5.3 liters per hour with a 4 or 5 plater.

    I will give this a try in one of my next rum runs !


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    @harley, so a 400L ferment at 10 ABV with a 8" 3 bubble plate wiil be finished in 3 hours + heating up time?

  • @Mountaineer said: Lloyd how much are you pushing thru you're parrot at 85%?

    I don't know, I haven't tried for 85%. Considering my feedstock (cheap Chinese booze) I'm more interested in removing flavor than perserving it.

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    @moscca said: harley, so a 400L ferment at 10 ABV with a 8" 3 bubble plate wiil be finished in 3 hours + heating up time?

    Hi Moscca. As a say 8" is 4 time bigger than 4" it take same time in a 4"Column with 100liter mash as it shall take in a 8" and 400liter mash if column is same typ + heating up time... and with almoust 4 time more power allso...

    I relly dont nowe if you can be finnish in 3 hours with a 4" 3 bubbelplates and 100 liter of mesh with 10% abv?

  • Have you every thought of one thing, Here we sit and discuss the number bubbelcaps on distillation plate, product per hour, and cf. this with sieve plates ... Just so I surfed around a bit among both large and small manufacturers of distillation equipment and the number of manufacturers is that one can see how the bottoms of the plate looks ... Not many .. so one can almost believe that "they" the Others have something to hide ... this openness from Sd and Fester can only result in the world's best and most proven products ... Cheers :ar!

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    Next project: 3pc 8 "plates with 1pc 4" bubbelcaps

    1pc 8 "bubble plate with 1pc 4" giant bubbbelcaps type khotes seen in my previous pictures of Brew Forum in Sweden

    1pc 3 "mid pipes - Risers = 75mm = The volume is 17 671.46

    1pc 4 "bubbelcaps 100mm = The volume is 31 415.93

    13 744.47 is the interstitial flow between 3 "riser pipe and 4" bubble caps so this will be more than 10% flow ... now wants it just that all small outputs slots on 4 "bubble capsen also has at least 12 200 I flow when the this giant bubble caps to be similar to my 8 "sieve plate in the flow.

    I intend to make a Low sawtooth pattern, but a must calculate in this before a do it... (3-4mm max in height, so the present threats really are, directly after it is finished and not lies and rubs) to actually keep the bubbles to the bottom of the plate all the time ... and of course, with adjustable height on the return pipe same as in my sieve plates ... The advantage of a saw-tooth pattern is that the more flow you have, the lower is the bubbles, the closer to the plate they go ...

    3pc must be manufactured according to the above spec for testing and compared with both my own constructed sieve plate with 10.2% 1.5 mm holes and Still Dragons bubble caps flat with 17st small bubble caps that have about 40% less total flow, but many more small slots so this shall be a relly good taste transfer plate a think, it will be interesting to see if this affects anything ....

    Both in speed, separation and taste transport. I am looking for maximum flavor transfer ... for whisky ...

    Here you have a link to a neat-lovley building with 1pc gigant bubbel caps but "only" in a 6 "column ...

    Cheers :ar!

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