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Liebig Connection

I think these are really great. I have a 2 inch modular and a 1/2 in liebig. I wonder if something like this in a 2 inch SS and a 1/2 copper would work great or should I just buy a 2 in to 1 1/2 adapter and adapt the copper down to 1/2? Would you buy one in 2 in?


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  • The easy way is with a 2" EZ flange - the SD brass ferrule - and adapt down with standard copper fittings.

  • I am 2in 100% stainless and the liebig is copper

  • OK, then maybe this?


    A 2" x 3/4" end cap or short adapter/reducer with a 3/4" TC x 1/2" copper.

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  • I guess I could get a 2in to 1.5 with tri clamp reducer and then adapt a 3/4 copper to 1/2. If I had that 2 in SS to 1/2 copper it sure make it easy. I don't have those at my place. Id have to order or find or make everything.

  • I know its not a direct 2" SS to 1/2" copper pipe but in such a small quantity it is hard to produce the part.
    Minimum order 100 pieces to produce and all that jazz and SO VERY FEW of these SS to copper adapters have actually sold in the past year.

    Sad to say but I'm very seriously considering discontinuing these as they run out because they are very slow movers.

    I liked the idea but after more than a year of very few sales it makes no sense to restock these.
    100 pieces made of each size a year and a half ago and still have almost half left?

    This product will go the way of the copper funnels and cones, into distilling history.

  • Wow you are kidding. I am new on the site and when you posted I didn't realize you were part of Still Dragon. I am really glad that I posted because I figured it would be big sellers and had no idea of it being discontinued. How many do you have left? I guess I gotta get you an order and get some b4 you sell out.

  • Applepie..... you were talking to the KING....of an Empire

  • I a new b to the site. Nice to get attention from Royalty. He looked like a regular person on my computer. I see the crown on his adicon now but didn't get it b4. LLoyd I do appreciate your reply. I would have figured it would have been huge. Easy, reasonable price, and looks well made. I guess there are more copper stills than stainless. IMHO I think your idea is a no brainer. Amazed that they don't sell.

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    It is a shame they don't sell because they are quite an elegant solution. I suppose an alternative would be a tri-clamp blanking cap with a hole in the middle. You could put a threaded to compression adaptor like this through the hole.


    Sell them as a set, drilled blanking cap, adaptor and suitable washers. You could always sell the adaptor and washers separately. Folks are often asking about bulkhead connectors for all sorts of applications. Here in the UK these are easy to find, but it seems that is not the case everywhere.

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    Applepie, I'm also amazed that they are not very popular because it seemed like a natural. The hardest connection for most folks is joining SS to copper.
    The threaded connections have also not been as popular as I thought they would be. These also seemed like a natural because they accept standard threaded copper fittings.


    Some items, like the brass EZ flanges, are in such high demand that they are difficult to keep in stock while fittings like these just seem to take up shelf space.

    We keep adding more items and so far the count is over 300 different items. I figure its healthy to cull the items that don't move to make room for new products.

    Some of our products compete against each other and I guess with the popularity of the SD SS shotgun condensers the DIY copper liebig takes a back seat. I still have quite a few of these fittings here in China and as slow as they move I doubt they sell out in the near future.

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  • @Myles said: ... I suppose an alternative would be a tri-clamp blanking cap with a hole in the middle. You could put a threaded to compression adaptor like this through the hole.... Folks are often asking about bulkhead connectors for all sorts of applications. Here in the UK these are easy to find, but it seems that is not the case everywhere.

    Myles, that is a wonderful fitting but I've only seen it on the internet, never actually held one.
    A thick end cap with a threaded hole could be a possible solution but which size end cap, what hole size and NPT or BSP threads?

    Just received another request, this time from Germany, for a fitting that fits the threaded port on the top of their beer keg. Please cut one off and send it to me. These threaded keg ports are standard across Europe?

    Law Of Ohms modeled this but we don't know what the real threads are.


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  • I "Think' one of those female fittings works on a T500 boiler, please correct me if I'm wrong

    (oh and don't ask Lloyd about the burner jets)

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    Would you believe it is not that simple? "Euro" kegs are used everywhere in europe EXCEPT Germany, they use the DIN standard keg. Different dimensions. Crusader Kegs & Casks

    I believe the keg necks are the same though. There are three main types.

    1. This is threaded with a 14 TPI thread, I believe it is an old 2" Electrical Conduit thread.
    2. Circlip fitting with an internal circlip
    3. Circlip fitting with an external circlip.
  • I am glad you started the forum. I think the only issue that the website has it there is no way co contact anyone to get answers. I wanted/want to get away from gas and go to electric. I didn't know there were threaded stainless that would accept copper. I wanted to order the 2 inch to heating element is but was not sure what to fit it to. I like the option to take it out of the keg. Maybe they might sell better if the description had on them what they fit or could be used for. I have put a couple of water purifiers together but am no expert. If I was a plumber then I would know. I would not consider a store bought shotgun because of the TBB. Yes, If I could walk into your place and pay cash I would buy one tomorrow (as long as you do not know who I am). Haha I know that's not going to happen.

    If I am a person that has done any research and know about the recent TBB would more than likely build a condenser them self. I really like the fact that SD is always trying to figure out what it takes to help the average person that wants to put a water purifier. New gadgets are great.

  • You could have them sent from Australia or China as we are not bothered by any of those concerns - but the shipping would be expensive.
    If you look around the websites I think you can find our contact information easily enough. We are always accessible.
    On the (USA site) I beleive the part you are referring to is listed under boilers because that's were they are generally used.
    The element guard instead of the element adapter is a better value, just my opinion.

  • Thanks for the feedback applepie. It's always good to know what people are actually thinking rather than what we think they're thinking. :)>-

    StillDragon Australia & New Zealand - Your StillDragon® Distributor for Australia & New Zealand

  • I actually got some the other day and used it and spoke to Larry. Nice talk seemed like a nice guy. If I thought you would take it any other way than a positive way and maybe help your cause and make you more money I would not say a word. The site the way it is better than all the rest.

  • @ applepie. Although I don't use a lot of their gear - just because I like to self build in copper - I am a big fan of the SD equipment that is available. There is a friendly bunch on this forum, if you have any questions just ask - you will probably get too many responses. :))

    If you need something that is not available off the shelf there are a few folks here that might build it for you. If it is a good idea it might even get added to Lloyds stock list. :)]

  • Its kinda nice not being treated like you are an idiot like another site I frequent. I think a few know it alls run 1/3-1/2 of the newbes off there. Thanks Myles.

  • Ok the 3/4in copper to 1.5 SS ferrel I went to order last week was out and today I tried to order the 1 in copper to 1.5 ss ferreel and it was out. I would order 4 or 5 if I could get them... I d really not like to go down to 3/4 if I don't have to. Now is where that 2 inch ss to 1/2 in copper would gome in to play real nice

  • @applepie, the parts you are asking for have just arrived at Port Miami. Give SD USA a shout to keep a couple for you. I sent the last remaining stocks of the copper to SS adaptors and probably won't be making more, at least not anytime soon.

    I figure 3 or 4 days and the container should clear customs and a day or two to get put into inventory. Its a 40' container full so that day or two to inventory it all may be a tad optimistic.

    And sometimes we do have the parts in USA but the PayPal buy-it-now button does not always believe it so contact Smaug anytime you get smitten by the shopping cart.

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    Smaug and a 40ft container full of SD gear?



    Imagine tri-clamps instead of coins..

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  • Lloyd you are saying what the originally had is stock is coming in or is in not the 2 in stuff correct? I am not complaining I talked to Larry and he told me that he only had a few left. I put it off and figured that he would still have them when I ordered. The website said they had them and when I went to paypal it said I it didn't and also said element adapters were out of stock.

  • Hi applepie, I have plenty so says my "saved Buttons" screen. Really sorry that the pay pal tool is such a generic slug. I do have plenty of element adapters and element guard kits.

    I no longer have any of the 1.5 SS X 1" copper adapters but do still have some 1.5 SS x 3/4" copper adapters. I also have some 3/4" SS x 1/2" and 3/8" copper adapters.

    Call any time.

    StillDragon North America - Your StillDragon® Distributor for North America

  • Thanks Smaug. Do I need to do anything special or is it something you have to reset or is it going now. If you can go on your site and make an order and lock it up well I am prob guilty. When I go to check out and something isn't in stock I usually figure I will wait.

  • Call or Pm usally gets you what ya need! Thanks Larry :-c

    It is what you make it!

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