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Hello from Sunny SoCal!

Hello all, been distilling for two years now. Started with a stainless reflux tower from some place in the Rockies and have been slowly gathering parts from SD for a flute build. Going with a modular build using a 4" sight flow at the bottom and top with three 4" copper sections with 2" SD sight glass kits on them. Going with 5 bubble caps per plate and 3/4" for the downcomers. Everything is going to be tri clamp so I can easily take it apart and store it neatly. Also going to build a new boiler out of a 26.5 gallon stainless steel drum intended for maple syrup.


  • Welcome. Did you get the brass kits or the new alloy ones? Which colour?

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  • I went with the 2" ones and I am assuming they are alloy. They are gold, lightweight, and gorgeous! I wanted to go 3" but I already had a bunch of 2" ferrules. There is plenty of room in the 2" to see all the action though.

  • Yeah not that long ago 2" was big because 1.5" was the standard.

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    Here are some of the before pictures.




    800 x 600 - 93K
    800 x 446 - 69K
    800 x 486 - 83K
  • Very cool. Love seeing new parts just waiting to be assembled. Welcome and keep us updated.

  • Looks to me that a couple more glass sections and a few crystal dragon gaskets and you have a column ... but that's just me stinkin thinkin

  • I'm only building 3 copper tees with the sight glasses. Going to have the borotube sections on top and bottom, 5 plates in all. The extra 4" cooper after making the dephlagamator will make an additional tee or two in the future once I upgrade my keg boiler to a 26 gallon barrel. Then I will use the existing sights on the keg boiler for that. I have plenty of gaskets/clamps lying in a box just out of the picture. Hell, I've got tri clover fittings all over in the garage from 1" up to 4".

  • I think we need to meet for a pint and talk shop!

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    Well he certainly speaks SillDragonese!

    Welcome to the camp SCB.

    I'm more like I am now than I was before.

  • I like the harris staybrite solder. use it with a lpg torch no issues. you can solder copper to staino using it and the right flux

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