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Food Grade Lubricants for Stainless Steel

Post your food grade stainless steel lubricant of choice.

Me, I use coconut oil in a spray can.


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    Glycerin. Food grade, water soluble.

    I'm more like I am now than I was before.

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    Lubri-Film Plus (PDF)
    I got other stuff for seals though.

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    Three things to keep in mind.

    Some lubricants can pose a microbiological risk

    Some lubricants are incompatible with some plastics

    There are actually 3 food-grades here in the States (USDA/NSF/etc), so be aware of which is which:

    H1 - Incidental food contact (but you don't want to actually eat the stuff)

    H2 - No possibility of food contact (which doesn't sound very food grade at all)

    H3 - Edible oils

    What are you guys lubricating anyway?

  • Threads and screws to stop binding. I don't put anything on my seals.

  • Picked up a load of TC surplus out of a small plant that was decommissioned - interestingly, they removed all the wing nuts from their triclamp and replaced them with stainless hex nuts and washers - asked one of the guys about it, and he said they had small battery nut drivers that they used on all their TC. All the rod ends were galled to keep the nuts captive. He said it made really quick work of breakdown and setup.

    Dry graphite powder is really nice in dry applications, as it won't attract dust and grime. Not sure there is a food grade version, but it's really just carbon. Only downside is dirty fingers, but a little bit goes a long way.

  • I just hate that sound of stainless binding up as you tighten the wing nuts. Worse than fingernails across the blackboard.

  • happy with teflon tape and LPS Silicon spray (H1)

  • Keg Lube. I'm sure vaseline would work just as well.

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  • Pure Goop a halocarbon-based thread lubricant, is what we use on our watercutter for all stainless steel high pressure fitting's bolts etc works great, not sure if it would be food grade. why would you need food grade on a tri clamp does it have contact with something it shouldn't.

  • The make food grade lubes for ice cream machines

    Knock yourself out looking....

  • I thought keg lube was KY.

    Keg lube 12 grams $8 KY 50 grams $7 Vaseline 50 grams $2.60 The coconut oil 225 grams $3

    I also have carpilube for my vodka slushie machine.

    It appears there are a few alternatives.

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    I believe exposed bolt threads would be considered an H1 (or H3) use, H2 would be something like a fully enclosed non-contact gearbox. Although in our gearboxes and PD pump heads are using H1 lube (Petrochem Gearsyn FGG-220).

    The coconut oil doesn't seem like a bad option.

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