3/4" TC Clamp with small OD?

Anyone ever seen a small TC clamp that I can get to fit through the 2" TriClamp Weldless Bulkhead Fitting?

I want to fit a Rotating CIP Spray Ball 1/2" Tri Clover Compatible Type Connection through the bulkhead connector to CIP my 300gal conical

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    Working on the same thing, all I can say is it doesn't make sense to have a triclamp clamp in the tank - it probably wouldn't fit out the port.

    I haven't had it welded yet, but have all the parts on my bench. Next time the welder stops by to do some welding on the mash tun, I'll have him weld it.

    2" to 1" flat TC reducer

    1" Stainless threaded nipple - I cut one threaded side off - 12" long

    Threaded female sprayball, to be attached to the stainless nipple

    I'll just have the pipe welded to the 2" side of the endcap. The 1" ID and the 1" TC ID are close enough.

  • I am doing the same in 3/4" od and 3/4" TC...

    I have a 3/4" 'keg cleaning' sprayball from St. Pats, it has a 3/4" NPT female.. (brewer's hardware has a 1/2" NPT version and 1" versions)

    I got some 3/4" nipples on ebay that I cut in half, welded some half-nipple to 3/4" TC ferrules, one to a 1" TC ferrule...

    I have a few of the 2" to 3/4" TC's laying around, will just weld 3/4" OD pipe to the back side

    I guess weld one half to some 3/4" tube, I don't want to weld the sprayball on, and a clamp will not fit, as mentioned

    I bought a 20' length of 3/4"OD 316L (and 2" and .5" OD also), going to get a die for my bender for the 3/4" if a conduit bender or wrapping around a barrel kinks it when making a 45 degree for the ball to go in the weldless bulkhead on the side of the cone of the plastic 300 gal fermenter...

    I am also looking to have modularity in using the sprayball work for the kettle and plastic IBC totes...

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    Did you try Glacier Tank?

  • all too big... I ordered this for $27

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