Hi from Sydney, Aus

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Hi everyone,
Just wanted to say introduce myself - I'm Alex, I'm part owner of a small brewery in Sydney and I like good rums and single malts nearly as much as good beer, so it's time to learn about distilling :)

Our brewer pointed me here a while ago so I've been lurking and reading as much as I can and decided it was time to take the plunge and join up.

Really impressed with the engineering and design of the StillDragon gear and looking forward to seeing more of it up close.



  • Hi Alex, which brewery? Sing out if you are wanting a road trip, we are just 5 hours north of you and i can set some gear up and give you a run through of how it all goes together.

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  • Welcome to the forum Alex.

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  • Hi Alex. Welcome.

    I'll echo @punkin in asking which brewery?

    I'm in Sydney too and a passionate home brewer. Be keen to catch up

  • Thanks for the welcome guys.

    Rocks Brewing Co. in Alexandria, but lately I've been spending a lot of time doing renos at one of our pubs up the road. Some of you might know Scotty from around the traps.

    @punkin I'll take you up on that in the new year, cheers. Been a while since I was up your way and it'll be good to get out of town for a while.

    Happy to have a chat over beers and lunch if anyone wants to swing by the brewery some time. Send me a message and I'll make sure I'm down there and not covered in brick dust :)

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    Hi Alex,

    Have had more than 1 beer at harts & the brewery in Alexandria! Definitely know Scotty but haven't been to see you guys for a while ;)

    I might be able to get over after Xmas or early in the new year. if I can't swing that, it's have to be a weekend unless you happened to be at Harts or around the CBD.

    in the mean time have a read through the documentation I wrote in the manuals thread and also the info in the basics thread

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