Bulk Stainless Pipe

I needed some long 2", and picked up some 3/4 (matches 19mm 3/4" ferrules perfectly) and 1/2 (matches 12.8mm 3/4" ferrules perfectly)

got a 21' or so stick of each, the 2" was brushed, not polished, the smaller ones had to be 316, they did not carry 304, so that is why they are almost as much as the 2"

Stainless prices have dropped the guy said...


These folks likely can deliver anywhere in FL, they did not charge since they threw it on a truck that was already going to my town.(nice onus) anyway, gives you an idea on price if you find a local place

Stainless Imports
Eaton Park, FL
ask for scott

800 x 109 - 17K


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