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Another new guy here. I've been lurking for a bit and joined up a little while ago. I've been pot stilling rum and whiskey for about 4 years now and have also made a bit of neutral over that time. I started with the crappy homebrew shop still head and then went to a 2" copper pot still and 2" bokakob reflux still made locally by a guy here in Queensland, Australia where I live. I stopped making neutral and now only make rum and whiskey, for myself and mates. I'm very happy with the product I've been making but the appeal of the plated still got to me and I've only just made the first step and bought my first few bits and pieces. I'll post another thread about that.


  • Welcome mate, and be sure to post your progress chuck a few pics in as well, can only help anyone else who is doing the same thing. Share your thoughts and methods if you wish, we all do it a little bit different from what I've noticed. That's the best part of this hobby for us, and the pro guys here are extremely generous with the knowledge and experience as well.

    I'm from vic and do whiskey and neutral with a 5 plate semi hybrid.



  • Welcome

    Never had a boka. Went straight from pot to plate and am so happy with the switch. So far I made rums, whiskeys and eau-de-vies and everything turned out nicely

  • Good to have you here. Keep us updated with pictures as you build your rig.

  • Good eye Nardy,

    Glad your here.

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  • Welcome mate, looking forward to hearing how that rig runs with the boka condensor. It'll look great with the limited edition sight glasses too.

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