Hybrid Idea, what do you guys think??

Hi Guys

I've been thinking about my setup and I've come to the conclusion that I need a faster collection rate, my setup is mainly 2" I've got 5 young kids to look after from age 10 down to 7 months, so still time is really limited, so is my spare cash!!!

This is what I have:

  • 6 plate Ace/Baby CD
  • 2" Big Baby Deflag
  • 2-4-2 Torpedo Bubble section with standard bubble caps

I'm thinking if I add two 4" sections into my torpedo, using the existing pro-caps from my Ace to keep the cost down and upgrade the caps in my torpedo.

This will give me 3 x 4" plates with pro-caps

Then use the 6 plate high Ace as a sight tower filled completely with packing.

This would be a hybrid with 3 x 4" plates and a 2.5" packed section for neutral with the Big Baby Dephlag on top.


3 x 4" plates for rums etc

Not sure anyone's tried this before but I would like to get to 2 litres an hour to shorten my spirit runs by almost half, what do you think? will it work? I've no idea what collection rate to expect from a 2.5" packed section.

I've just added up all the extra bits on the @SDeurope site and it'll cost €360, £250 or $380, not a bad price if it'll work and give the results I want.


  • If you're only after neutral then a 3" or 4" packed column will do that easily. Even two 510mm sections of 2" and a lower RR would probably do a better job than all that.
    It would give the equivalent of 2 to 4 times as many plates (up to 40) to what your proposing depending on your packing choice.

    For the rum, couldn't you just use the Baby CD and push it harder with the Procaps?

  • It'll work. I've done similar.

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  • I've run a Rum through the Ace with 6 pro caps before now, takes away too much flavour for my liking, so I'm thinking in the future, first strip, then no more than 3 plates max for the spirit run, plus at 4" it'll be much faster than the Ace, I'm trying to keep the cost down by re-using bits I already have.

    I'm contemplating using 6mm raschig rings, I have a shed load and beleve to get the best out of them they need to be in a column at least 2.5"


    What sort of collection rate do you think I'd get for neutral using a 2.5" packed section?

  • On the rum, have you tried to do single runs? I found that using the caps/plates that it is a perfect balance of speed and flavor transfer. No more need to strip, at least in my situation.

  • 2" gets around 1 - 1.2lphr, 3" gets around 4 lph. 2.5" should be somewhere in between there.

    If you want more flavour in your spirit run then save some wash to add in with the low wines. You can add anything from 10% wash right down to 1 stripped wash with one ferment for a 1.5X distillation.

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