Ace / Baby CD Hybrid - increase diameter of packed section?

Hi guys

Just wondering if the collection rate could be increased on a hybrid ace, if I increased the diameter of the packed section from 2" to 3" diameter.

Of course the ace still has 2" connections top and bottom and the 3" packed section will still need a 3"-2" adapter on each end, so does anyone think it would be a worth while upgrade?


  • Couldn't hurt to try. It's not going to flood the caps i wouldn't think, and the larger diameter should mean an increase in take off speed from the packing.

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  • A few questions for you in return:

    1. Do you have more power available than you currently use?
    2. At maximum power do you currently flood your top plates?
    3. At maximum power can your RC and PC keep up?

    Your rate limiting factor will be dictated by the weakest link in your column, I suspect you'll find you can run a higher throughput rate but only at the expense of reduced reflux you don't end up flooding your top plates. It all comes down to the limits of the 2"plates. I'd like to see you post the results on this experiment.

    Assuming it's a cheap enough experiment for you, sounds like you are where I was back when I started wanting more than my 2" rig could provide. I tried all manner of variations before succumbing to the need for a full 3" neutral build.



  • Hi Mech

    I have a 50lt boiler with with 3kw power available, the biggest problem I've encountered with the setup is flooding of the packed section, I use the big baby dephlagmator for CM or a double wound 6mm 8" long cooling coil for VM, both can easily achive 100% reflux.

    I'm hoping a 3" packed section will let me use more power without flooding, the Ace has 6 plates and can probably handle the power.

  • long until we get to see your results :D

  • I'll be curious to see if quality of separation is compromised by going this route.

    Looking forward to your experiment.

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  • @Anavrin I would say DO IT.

    My reasons are this. Based on prior experience of 2" packed columns running at max speed (just below flooded) is a really uncomfortable situation to be in.

    Increasing the diameter and then running (a less than optimum height) packed column at well below optimum vapour speed, you can still get a greater product rate than the 2" that is going flat out. Due to the throughput of the wider column.

    Even if (for example) the plated column can't reach the optimum vapour speed for packed column, your performance will be improved. Let alone the big bonus that you are not trying to run a packed column right on the verge of being flooded.

  • Cheers guys, I think going to a 3" packed section will be an upgrade that will improve the performance of my setup and still be economical, I don't make enough product to justify the cost of a 4" setup, plus I wouldn't have the time anyway.

    I think I'll order the bits in a couple of weeks, got a wedding to pay for first and they're not cheap!!!

    I'll let you guys know how I get on with it, got a few washes on the go already so hopefully I'll have it sorted by the time I've stripped them all and am ready for a spirit run.

  • Wedding vs. Dragon, I wonder which one will give more joy and lasts longer? :))

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