Airing and Length of Time

I air pretty much everything that I distill, probably like most of you. As a rule of thumb, I usually go 24-72 hours depending on what I am making. If the nasties are evaporating, what is the point of diminishing returns? Seems like most of the smellable stuff is gone after the mentioned time. So is there any benefit to airing longer, say a week or two. I know that the ABV will go down some but a trade off for smoother drink would be worth it.

Also, are any of you using any kind of bubbler to speed this up or enhance the product?



  • I guess as long as we are on the subject, are any of you using ultrasonic treatment? Or should I say, any of you using ultrasonic that will admit to it?

  • After your initial airing period, simply store in a vessel with some head space.

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  • Have you ever had anything that had US treatment? I have read about Odin's success with it and definitely am researching it more.

  • If I am using a white product I tend to air 7 days. If I'm making a product I will age on oak I will do my cuts after 1-3.

  • Due to my work schedule I will air for two days then seal up the jars head to work for 14 days come home re-air for a day ,blend then, Three UST at 150 F at 42 megs with the wood being aged on 2 gal at a time. You loose some product but in our blind taste tests it wins every time for smoothness. It doesn't replace proper ageing but I do believe it helps to obtain a smooth drinkable product quicker. I read all Odins threads on it and bought one 6 months ago still learning and trying different tests with it . After the US treatments it go's in 1 Gal glass jugs on wood ,cork stoppers, and I Hit it with oxygen 1x a week with a 2 micron stainless steel stone .It seems to be helping still experimenting.

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