Idea for a CM/VM combo

I'm toying with the idea of making something a little different, I have a 2" boka section with a double wound 6mm coil inside off my old VM setup, it has a tri-clamp ferrel on the bottom so it's compatible with 2" SD tri-clamp products.

My plan is to add a 3 way 2" tri-clamp tee under the boka section, above my column, with the tee branching out to one side, sounds like a normal VM so far right?

Here's the different bit, from this side outlet I'm going to have a 45° 2" bend pointing upward, then the big baby dephlagmator and another 45° 2" bend so the output points sideways again.

This will connect to my product condensor, I'm effectively replacing my valve with the dephlagmator, the combined area of the 3 x 16mm tubes inside it is approximately equal to that of my old 1" valve.

If I can divert cooling from the dephlag to the boka coil I could maybe maintain the same level of reflux as I collect product, not sure if there's any mileage in this, it may not work but I'd be interested to hear what you guys think of the idea!


  • So, you want the coil to be in full reflux and the vapors to go to the dephlag, and then adjust the dephlag for cm takeoff?. Only way id see that happening easy would be to have the coolant straight into the coil, then from the coil outlet into a tee, one branch of the tee going straight out to drain, the other branch to a valve and your dephlag. Other wise you'll need two separate lines. I don't imagine it would be easy to have both condensers in line on the same input and be manageable unless the coil could had more condensing power to hold it all back while you used the dephlag. Hope that made sense lol.

  • Hi googe

    The coil is open at the top and can easily knock down all the vapours when used in a VM setup.

    Made a mistake with the title which I've only just noticed this morning, should be CM/VM Combo!! Now a can't edit it :-(

  • @Anavrin said: Made a mistake with the title which I've only just noticed this morning, should be CM/VM Combo!! Now a can't edit it :-(

    That's what I'm here for. ;)

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  • Thanks Moonshine

  • The more I think about this idea, the more I feel a dephlagmator might work better than a valve, a valve lets anything pass, it's simply open to some extent or closed, a dephlagmator not only creates reflux but acts like a filter, it can be set to allow some vapour pass but not all of it, could be usfull for heads separation / concentration, sure you can still compress heads to some extent on a standard VM but an awful amount of good ethanol, up to 30% of the charge in my experience can be tainted with heads compounds, this might knock back some of that good ethanol during heads collection, increasing the hearts yield.

  • I was determined to make a VM/LM in the end I could find no compelling reason for not using the dephlegmator. My 5" dephlegmator does 100% reflux and as you have noted it's a pretty effective all in one piece of kit. In this instance simplicity is king.

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