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Rum straight from a Molasses Wash



  • edited April 2015

    @Smaug said: The ugly thing ran great but leaked like crazy

    But you leaned how to make it sing, and made some great spirits... :))

  • Um,,, if true, that would be illegal. :))

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  • The return of Some Random Guy! ;)

    I'm more like I am now than I was before.

  • @CothermanDistilling said: dellae - clarifying... you did a stripping run on a column(# of plates?) and got a quantity of 80%, then you did 4 more runs with a certain number of plates, the 4th run you changed to 7 plates? what did you water the still charge back down to each time?

    The first 3 runs were on my 1mtr x 65mm packed CM.
    Stripping run, then each time thru it was cut to 30% and run.

    The last run was on the SD 4".
    Every run I compressed fores - discarded 100ml.
    Run out 4 x 500mL jars of heads, keeping what I thought was acceptable and returning the discards to the next run.
    After heads I let the still run down to 80% and held there with reflux control until output dropped to fast drips then stopped and discarded.

  • @Smaug said: My first experience with forced reflux was a hybrid, goof ball, lintel that I built from my dogs water bowl.

    Inspiration came from the traditional lintels one often sees on the large alembic systems.

    The ugly thing ran great but leaked like crazy.

    If my memory serves I do believe I recall you posting the build on the HD forums...way back when.

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