Bird Watchers

Hello All,
I am just finishing up a 45 litre batch of Birdwatchers and I was wondering how I should run it, have a 2 bubble plate tower Should I run it through the plates or pot still it? This will be my first run so any insight would be great.
Cheers Jettfuel


  • First run a stripping run pot still style. Then use the plates. OR run plates both times for a cleaner final spirit. Depends on how much time you have....

  • Hi jettfuel,

    That recipe is intended to yield a more neutral product.

    It doesn't sound like you have too many runs under your belt? So I would recommend running as many ways as possible to help you establish your own understanding of what the end result is for either...You need to know.

    If I were making a vodka like product I would run it through with forced reflux. If I wanted it as neutral as possible I would repeat the process no less than 3x.


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