2" keg holes for electic kit

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What is the best way to prepare a keg for the electric element kit? I think I need a 2 in hole , I don't have a drill that large and a hole saw is difficult. Any body got a better way?



  • some people solder or tig the long ferrule in the position they want the heating element then cut the hole out of the center with a hole saw or drill a series of small holes then file or dremel the opening... I personally would hole saw it then file grind or sand the hole to size...

  • +1 on the hole saw. You may have to cope the ferrule a bit. I didn't though, I drilled the hole (1 7/8") first and then sucked up the gap with clamps on the inside of the keg and ferrule and tigged away.

  • Yep, good quality hole saw, plenty of cutting oil and long steady pressure on low rpms for the drill. Do not allow the stainless to heat up too much. Then have a 2" ferrule welded in.

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  • I use a hole saw. But you have to go slow. Works like a charm. Slow and steady. I've used mine for at least 6 holes in stainless kegs. And it was used when I got it. Now I did try one of the cheapy hole saws once. It just fell apart. The one I use is a bosh from like Lowes.

  • Plasma Cutter is my weapon of choice for cutting holes in stainless...

  • I prefer to cut the hole with a tungsten tipped holesaw designed for stainless, they are not cheap but look after it and you will get a lot of use out of it. Then slip in the ferrule and TIG it in. Alternatively shape, weld the ferrule in and then run the plasma cutter around the inside of the ferrule and clean up the cut.

    Lots of ways to skin a cat, when doing the hole as raised before do not let it get hot, go slow and have breaks to cool the job and the tool as you do it. Look at it this way $60 for a good tool, go to fast and you loose the $60 then you have to spend another $60 for a new tool.........

  • Thanks guys, I am looking at Greenlee 635 Carbide Tipped Hole Cutter Kit . I have tried regular bimetal with poor results in the past. Will the greenlee get the job done? 1 more stupid question, I assume I need a 2" hole saw for a two in ferrule? Is this correct?

  • Take a ferrule to the shop with you when you purchase the bit. I use bimetal stuff and provided the revs are slow and you use cutting fluid it works fine.

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  • Bran you can figure the correct rpm for a hole saw using this formula

    4 times the cutting speed of the metal your wanting to cut divided by the diameter of the cutter, drill ect equals the rpm of the drill or hole saw

    cutting speed using HSS cutters is about 35 surface feet per minute so

    4 X 35 equals 140 divided by the 2" cutter equals 70 RPM max using cutting fluids can increase the speed slightly or make the cutters last much longer

    if you were drilling a 12.5mm hole/1/2" formula would be

    4 x 35 equals 140 divided by 1/2 equals 280 rpm for the drill bit etc. etc. etc.

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    Wow, thanks for posting that FS! could have used that when I was doing my boiler. =D>

  • I believe I used a 1 7/8" saw when I did mine. Used a small tig torch to fuse the inside edge then ran a bead around the outside.

  • I wish I had known that a year or so back. Tried to use 1 of those adjustable tank cutters on a keg. It broke after it got red hot and I burnt myself taking it out of the chuck - just before I threw it at the wall :\">

    Now I usually use a coarse tooth blade in a jig saw, and stop every 1/4" of cut to cool and lubricate the blade. Have the keg 1/2 full of water to try and reduce the noise.

  • 50mm hole saw here....

    Once the pilot hole/drill is threw, I sprayed a stream of WD-40 constantly onto the teeth of the cutter.

    Worked well for me.

  • Rum em slow keep pressure on them and even a water hose stream on the cutter will work... cold is a good thing so the driller must drink really cold beer while cutting those holes...

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