Spirit Run on a T500

anyone done a spirit run on a t500 if so how and what did you do and get
my boiler is charged @ 30% but before i have a crack at this i would like to see how someone else went



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    Ive only used the older type, and that was long ago, as far as I know the newer ones work in much the same manner. The old versions made a better spirit if run slower than recommended by the manufacturer. In other words the thermometer which gives you a water temp reading for the reflux condenser was run at a lower temp than recommended. As a rule of thumb, the faster the water flow to the reflux, the more reflux you get, more reflux means cleaner and higher ABV spirit. In short the slower the output of spirit the more reflux you are getting with those stills. Slow and steady will win hands down, don't get to hung up on watching the thermometer, in the long term you will learn more by watching the out put speed and smelling feeling/ rubbing and tasting what is exiting the still. If at first you don't succeed bung it all back in the boiler and run it again.

  • sweet thats exactly what i thought should happen slow and steady cheers @SBB_ i fully appreciate the valuable info ^:)^

  • No problem mate, that little still will teach you a whole lot as time goes by.

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