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Infuse Your Booze! a complete guide to DIY liquors

I Found an article that may be of help to some of you do it yourselfers out there... It seems to be ... Start to finish instructions.. a How To!

Infuse Your Booze! A Complete Guide To DIY Flavored Liquors

See what ya think...

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Here are two articles on making bitters that seem to go along with the Infuse your booze article...

DIY Bitters Part I

DIY Bitters Part II


  • For those who have already looked at the post... I Added two additional links for making bitters

  • @FullySilenced :Infuse Your Booze!

    Looks like the site of a like minded soul.

    Thanks for that and the other links.

  • I am currently going a little crazy on infusion and ran into a weird one. I put some frozen Black berries on some fairly new 100 proof sugar wash that had been double distilled and carbon filtered. After about 10 days the blackberry concoction was pressuring the jar and had built up enough pressure to shoot juice10'. It's bubbling like it's fermenting ? Can blackberries ferment in 100 proof?

  • I have nuke blackberries like 10 times with no issue... not sure about what you have...
    happy stillin,


  • I have had some berry infusions that started at 100 proof but then froze in the freezer after removing the berries, so you may have some dilution happening here, but low enough to sustain fermentation, I'm not sure. Thermal expansion could be possible also

  • I am thinking that in both cases, the little spheres of berries have not had alcohol get in them yet... sounds like another reason for nuking

  • edited March 2015

    @CothermanDistilling Was thinking along those same lines, but didn't say anything since it seemed off the wall.

  • So just throw it in the microwave for? ( how long ). I tend to be a little impulsive so when I started i went nuts. I have strawberry, applie pie, lemons, lemon/limes all going along with these blackberries and everything else is going fine. These berries were fresh from the field and frozen the day they were picked though?
    Holy smoke I also found a recipe on a food network for chocolate which is looking pretty good.

  • Bring the temp up to 150f or so then screw the lid on... let it cool... usually two to three minutes per liter/quart depending on your microwave size... Trial and error till you get your's figured out...

  • I'm very fond of vapor infusing my neutral with juniper cones, coriander seeds, angelica root, orris root, cassia bark, orange peel, and licorice root.

    I'm more like I am now than I was before.

  • Always meant to try a Jaffa with carob as the big carob bean trees are planted as street trees in town here and i have a mandarin tree. Be ok in a ginbasket maybe?

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  • Based on some half gallon jars of peated whiskey I have done, the microwave can likely be replaced with a sous vide set on a cycle timer if you have it and it works well for larger containers.

    As for the berry spheres, since they were previously frozen it seems that the cell wall should have been sufficiently ruptured to allow the alcohol in even without applying her, no?

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