4" Dash SGK Extra Short Dephlegmator Temperature?

Good day. I'm making Rum and using 4" Dash SGK Extra Short with 120L, 6kW heating element. What temperatures on dephlegmator do you use/suggest for distilling?


  • Do you have the ability to supply a constant coolant temperature?

    If not, you will never be able to dial in consistent behavior. Control will ultimately be predicated upon flow rate rather than temps. And then the only reliable data point will be temp corrected abv of finished product. That would be less than optimal with respect to data tracking.

    When consistent coolant temps are available, there is a definite relationship between discharged coolant temps and abv of your distillate.

    If you have reliable cooling, my advice would be to distill to an abv of your choice. Hold at that abv and take notes on coolant discharge temps. Then choose a new abv, and take note on those discharged coolant temps,,,and so forth and so on. Then you'll know and also become more intimately familiar with your apparatus.

    If you don't have a reliable, consistent, cooling capacity,,,,,,,never mind...

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