Customer Service and First Run


I just wanted to give a big shout out to SD North America (Dianne and Larry) for standing by their products. Backstory: I bought a 4" CD with a Milk Can back in 2015. When it arrived we were just in the process of moving. I put the boxes in the corner where they were promptly forgotten due to a busy life. Fast forward to 2017, I get the 240V line installed and setup a dedicated place for my CD. After opening the boxes and trying to put everything together, I find the top of the milkcan is not there. I called Dianne at SD and after a few conversations, a new milk can was on the way. This was WAY ABOVE AND BEYOND customer service since everything was technically out of warranty. I ran my first TPW yesterday and it ran flawlessly. If there was any doubt on how awesome a product and customer service StillDragon puts out, then it should be laid to rest here. Thanks Larry and Dianne for being awesome people with an outstanding product.




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