[USA/NE] Wanted: 13 Gallon Milk Can Boiler

I am getting ready to buy a 13 gallon milk can boiler. Just thought i would throw a post on here and see if anyone had one laying around they might not be using and be interested in selling off. Needs to have a drain and port of electric element. If you have one please contact me, Thanks


  • if you cannot find one, see if you can find a place to weld a SD 8" TC Ferrule on a 15.5gal beer keg then have em add a 2" for the element and a 1.5" long ferrule for a drain... I am very happy with this one

  • Would you recommend the 8in short or long ferrule for keg implement? I have triclamp domes for 8in milkcan and wonder if these would be a good fit? I recently ordered an 8in triclamp ferrule for weld on from Amazon, and they sent me one that exceeded 8in ID. Just useless. I should have ordered from StillDragon to begin with.

  • Depending on your space available to get the Tig torch in where you wish to weld, will determine suitablity of the ferrule length. Safest is always the long ferrule.

    It is also possible that you had a DN200 delivered. The clamps for 8" and DN200 are "generally" the same. The pipe ID on DN200 is 200mm and OD is 204mm.

    What is quite interesting in DN200 DIN11850 tri-clover ferrules is that, the OD for the clamping part are available in both OD 233.5mm and 217.4mm sizes. This obviuously would require seperate clamps. Stick to 233.5mm.

  • My first one was a short ferrule, this time I ordered I got a longer one, that will work too... welding the ferrule is a bit interesting, since you are welding 2 things at 90 degree surfaces, more or less welding power causes the radius of the bead to change, making it not look to pretty... I cut the hole 1mm smaller than the ID, and ran a tiny bead on the inside, just enough to melt the 1mm lip and join it to the ferrule... I would use a 2nd ferrule and join it with a clamp while welding to avoid warping... actually take lots of precautions against warping... even if it means welding an inch and then coming back an hour later if you are not sure you won't warp it... if you want to pretty up the outside, make sure you have nothing but shielding gas on the backside where the good weld is... I took aluminum foil and tape and covered about 1/4 of the weld at a time and put in a gas hose and fed plenty of argon in.. and use something like CitriSurf ® 77 Plus to passivate the weld ..

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