Got Wood?

Round Oak Barrels is landing a container of 210 barrels from Kentucky in February 2017.

There's a mix of:

  • Single-use Jack Daniels barrels
  • 1st fill Old Forester/Woodford Reserve, 2nd fill Early Times KY Whisky barrels

All are 200L capacity, and both the JD and ET barrels are only $289 ex-Adelaide. We can ship anywhere in Oz.

We're also putting together an order of 180L Three Ships Whisky barrels - straight out of the distillery at $169, or fully re-coopered at $269 (shaved, re-toasted, steam pressure tested, sanded outside to clean them up).

If you're interested and want in on the order, please let me know ASAP.

I'm also bringing in a container of ports and sherries in the new year...





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