Quick Absinthe Question

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I am going to attempt to make my first absinthe. Browsing both here and HD i think i have come up with a pretty good recipe... but it seems like everyone macerates the herbs in neutral and then just chucks the whole maceration and some water into the boiler to distill. My question revolves around the fact that i have an electric element. Will the floating herbs/seeds and the element get along?? Or should i strain these off and put in the vapor path??

Thanks for any and all advice.

I will post recipe and results when done but so far i am just getting my neutral going so it is super early in the process.


  • You could put the botanicals in a bag and tie it outside the still with some fishing line. Well, not the bag outside the still, that would need to be inside to do much good, but the end of the line could be outside. :-O

    I'd use a mesh bag with a reasonable fine mesh, certainly a bit smaller than the herbage you are trying to contain. :-B

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  • I am having good results by putting the anise in the vapor path for my raki Jasper

    I am sure the holly trinity should be ok aswell.

    I have made absinthe some time ago, and after tasting a commercial one, I was happy to see that mine was good too.

  • The stanless hop balls work well :p

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