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Starting with micro distillery



  • I was advised to buy boiler with electrical heating if I am to distill from clear washes wtih no solids.

  • Ah no worries. Clear wash are just fine with the single wall kettle.

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  • If you can, take a photo of your electrical panel and post it here.

  • @CroatianDistillers, we'll prepare an initial offer for you to be able to convince your bank tomorrow, in time for your meeting on Thursday.

    About the power requirement you really have to consult with your landlord and an electrician. The 150L boiler takes three elements, the 380L five elements. The highest power element you can find for single phase 240V is 5500W, with the Camco Ripple Ultra Low Wattage 5500W being first choice.

    So that's 75A for the 150L and 125A for the 380L boiler. The agitator takes another 370W ~ 1.68A, and of course you will have other electrical devices in your distillery as well.

    Regular power supply with single phase circuits secured by 13-16A circuit breakers obviously will not do, you need industrial power supply (here it's called "Gewerbestrom"), which is not the same as just having an additional 400V 3-phase circuit.

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  • Ok, I will find out everything about it. Give me a day or two.

  • I have some info. They told me I already have industrial power supply and I can buy as much power as I want. If I need 5 elements with 5kW, np, everything is possible, all I need is to pay more (logical).

  • The cost is in boxes and controls and cables you must figure it out because the costs can be huge. In the basement. How will you dispose of water and other liquids. Pump it up to the sewers. Just another thing I thought of...

  • I think the place has everything needed as it was builtless than 10 years ago and before me there was a storage but originally it was built for work shop and production.

    The place is so clean and tidy, with several windows, with basement, it is huge enough for setting whole production later on, with small road leads to it, in front all you can see is field of flowers and other small houses... BUT, if the place doesn't have conditions I will have to find a new one.

    Ty for your advice, I will check it tomorrow.

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