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Does anyone have a HAACP plan prepared for a distillery that they could share with me?

I am required to produce a HAACP plan and "any other pre-requisite plans" for the distillery as part of my facility licensing. I CAN get the forms and have a bunch of tutorials on how to do the thing so I can produce this from scratch if needed but I'm sure it will greatly speed up the process if I had one to work off of and perhaps prevent any rejections or re-do's.

As for a pre-requisite plan, I'm not sure THEY even know what I need, but I reckon that a safety plan might be in order, or maybe some sort of flammable liquid handling plan? I dont know, but if you do please share any information you may have, otherwise I'll depend heavily on the "baffle them with bullshit" plan as most of the government is just going thru the motions anyway.

SO, if you have possession of such a thing, or know how to get a hold of one you could copy and send, it would be GREATLY appreciated by me. It'd be at least worth a couple of bottles of my finest if you ever get to Fiji.

Cheers!! Steve

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