Looking for a boiler

Where is a good place to start looking for a boiler 15 gal- 30 gallons max. Needs to have holes for electric heating element, sight glass, release valve, fill port and wide enough opening to clean stainless steel. USA :-/



  • SD USA will soon have 50L (13 gallon) milk can boilers and regularly stocks the 120L (31.5 US gallon) real distiller's boilers. They both have the ports that you ask for.

    Any size distiller's boiler that is less than 120L costs the same. In other words, an 80L boiler costs the same as a 120L. I don't like it too but that's just the way it is. It's the same amount of work involved and 120L is just where the price breaks.

    You actually pay a premium on the 120L size if you look at the $ per liter. The best value occurs at about 100 gallons. After then, the wall thickness must be increased and the price jumps up quickly.

    The very best value for a 13 gallon boiler is a used beer keg if you can score one. If you can't weld SS then make friends with someone that can.

    Best of luck and let us know how it all turns out for you.

  • Please tell us the continent you are asking about at least.

    I will soon be offering brand new keg boilers at an unbeatable price in Australia, also have the excellent 120l boilers if you want to get serious.

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  • Gil I will post the arrival of the 50 liter milk cans on the SD USA Bulletin Board thread (when they arrive).

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  • Thank you sir. I will wait.

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