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Spray balls / CIP

If I wanted to add CIP to an 8" Dash where could I get the spray balls? Has anyone done this?


  • Pretty sure StillDragon can get those for you. I have a distillery on the hook for about 16 of them.

    Lets get Lloyd to chime.

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  • One with an arm that placed it in the right spot of a 380L when connected to a 2" top port would be a great addition..

    Also, one that somehow worked above a dephleg...

  • We did one above the dephleg using a 4 way tee. One port for the cip, one port for the temp, one port for take off, and one port on the lid.

    Looks very catholic with a big cross on top, like its some sort of baptismal font or fountain or something.

  • We ordered ours for the brewery from brewershardware if you are in a rush and stateside, but I do agree that it seems like a lot of folks have been talking about them here recently, and if SD sourced a few models which connect to 1-4" tri-clamp tees and have either 1/2" npt or 1" tc water/cleaner inlets they would likely sell well. The ones that I have purchased in the past are rotating, but in this application fixed might work just as well? Some actual use data would probably help there....

  • Spray balls are easy enough to have produced but we have to tell the factory exactly what we want.
    The pre-made models are probably useless for our needs but its quite easy to get them made with reversed TC fittings so they clamp directly to a ferrule port.
    We've produced a number of 8" Tees with spray balls, most (maybe all) went to Europe.

  • I have seen where people just drill a hole in the side of each section and add their own. I was wondering if anyone that has done this can share the build?

  • The problem when you look at the spray ball catalogues is the coolant pressure. Some of them are designed for high pressure systems and I suspect folks on here might wish to use them with their coolant pumps.

    Re using the hot waste in the boiler followed by a flush with hot or warm coolant might be a good option. If you are going down the citric acid or cleaner route you may need dedicated pumps.

    Some of the water jacketed stills re use the jacket contents for the CIP process which makes sense.

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