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Whilst walking around the shops today (carrying the bags) I found myself in a shop called T2 who makes a large range of tea products. One of the ranges was a series of fruit based tea and other aromatics:

Fruit - From berries to apples, to vanilla and citrus, these refreshing drops are fruity-sweet @ T2 Tea

Am I off the mark in thinking these might work in a carter head for gin infusions? I realize there is cheaper ways of finding botanicals but the smell from some of these boxes was very tasty and I thought it might be worth a try.

On my way out I noticed this particular store had a table of Petri dishes of separate ingredients/botanicals for people to smell and play with so it might provide some inspiration at the very least.


  • Sure give it a go if you have them handy.

  • @Ginger I have the same problem here in China, too many teas to choose from. Leaves, flowers, stems and bark in mind boggling variety and numbers.
    It could take months or even years to try every one in the gin basket and to make matters worse I'd bet some would be better extracted with water vapor instead of alcohol vapor but only by actually doing it could we hope to know which is best.
    Some are quite reasonable in price while others are insanely expensive. Gram for gram there are teas more precious than gold.

    I did a concoction for cooking that turned out well. Fresh ginger slices, a few hot peppers, half a handful of capers and a couple of star anise pods produced a delicious bottle of flavoring that was splashed into our stir fried foods.

    With a GB4 the world of flavors is at your fingertips. But the choices can drive you crazy.

  • I have done tea macerated neutral in the past. It worked out quite well and could be something worth playing with.

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