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The Tale of Three Parrots

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Coming soon. Please stand by...


  • Three parrots were walking on the beach... one says...

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    The little one says in a tiny voice, "chirp".
    The medium one says in a normal voice, "Chirp".
    The big one says in a big, deep voice, "CHIRP!!".


    From right to left is the Baby Dragon crystal parrot. In the center is the standard StillDragon parrot. On the left is our industrial size parrot (no proper name yet - we've been calling it bigass during its production).
    The main pipe is 2" and the output fitting is a 1.5" ferrule with 1" pipe. The spout will be ready in a few days and it was made this way so it could receive the spout or be hard piped to a receiving vessel.

    A model of the spout, thanks to @Law_Of_Ohms.


    600 x 800 - 55K
    499 x 385 - 11K
  • Yes it is @crystal_skull. Definitely makes more sense on a 12" still than on my little 5" rig.

    The commercial guys are wanting to use their giant alcoholmeters so this should do the job.
    I'll add a filter disc above the 2" ball valve to keep it from falling through.

  • I figure the baby crystal parrot should easily be able to flow 3 or 4 liters per hour, maybe more, if it ever comes online as prototyping this has taken much longer than expected.

    The SD standard parrot is good for many liters per hour... so far no-one knows the limit but probably around 30 liters at least and probably more.

    I cannot imagine the max flow on the big parrot but its probably in the gallons per minute instead of liters per hour.

    This was only possible because @ProofProf ordered it to be made for his 12" StillDragon still. Its the first one like this for us and I'm sure we'll refine and fine tune it over the next few generations. Always easier to improve on something when its in your hands to look at.
    Its been a treat working with Rusty on this and his insights and suggestions have been absolutely necessary, I can't thank him enough!

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    Will the large parrot fit a large bulb hydrometer?

    Agree on the flow rate, but the benefits of the glass enclosure and potential for sealed collection vessels will be key in situations where local AHJs decide they want to make issue surrounding open vs closed systems. Honestly, it's cheap insurance. Besides, it looks fabulous - though clearly more of saxophone than big bird.

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    Interestingly, some discussion over on ADI about Open vs Closed system stills as it applies to MAQs. I've heard of others that have gotten into similar discussions regarding whether or not the still capacity on a spirit run would put you well over what would be allowed in an F-1 occupany, even with sprinklers.

    Fire code questions @ ADI Forums

  • @grim do you have a large bulb hydrometer that I can get the measurements from?
    I'm thinking the big parrot is actually much too big.

  • Ask all the pro distillers how big their hydrometers are... get an average going

  • Not too big. Ben over at Black Coral Rum has a biggun similar in size.

    StillDragon North America - Your StillDragon® Distributor for North America

  • Good to know because I ordered two of these to be made and sent to you without your permission :))

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    @FullySilenced said: Ask all the pro distillers how big their hydrometers are... get an average going

    Excellent idea FS. Any Pros out there care to help?
    I'm looking for the the diameter of the bulb (A), total height (D) and the area of the scale (B and C).
    I have a few big alcos on order but they have not arrived and not sure if they are close enough to what a Pro uses. They are expected to be about 350mm tall. Diameter and scale area are still unknown.


    big hydro.png
    293 x 488 - 7K
  • Do I sense a new name game?

    Large "The Macaw" Medium "The Cockatiel" (so the Aussies don't feel left out. Small "The Parakeet"

  • Yes, a new parrot game IS afoot.
    If Aussie it would need more 'marsupial' names?

  • Deadly ugly animal one, deadly ugly animal two, cute animal even more deadly #3

  • Kevin1.jpg
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  • Pee-cock seems kinda good. Goose always calls the business end a Dick.

    StillDragon North America - Your StillDragon® Distributor for North America


    Don't forget our cousins from across the straight.

    StillDragon Australia & New Zealand - Your StillDragon® Distributor for Australia & New Zealand

  • Keeping with the bird theme, I vote for Emu, Macaw and Budgerigar (or just "Budgie" for the Aussies).

    Great work, Lloyd, and the optional, configurable "beak" is much appreciated. I'll order mine with a right angle, but that's just me!

    Have a great weekend, Rusty

    BERLE W FIGGINS, JR | Master Distiller ~ Consulting Distillation Engineer ~ Consultant & Lecturer in Craft Distillation

    SPIRITS INSTITUTE PUGET SOUND | Seattle, Washington | consulting craft distillers and presenters of Craft Distillation masterclasses, workshops & seminars | inventor of the Figgins Reciprocator distillation system |

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