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Baby Dragon Glass Parrot

edited November 2014 in Accessories

It is coming.
It is not prefect yet.
But it is coming.

3 to 4 months for you to get them. Maybe longer. But I'm excited about this.
Biggest problem for me is each are hand made and every single one will be slightly different but the cost will be right.
If you want perfection then this is not for you. If you want something really cool and a bit quirky at a very low cost then you are in luck.

Details soon.
After 4 sets of prototypes, so far and counting, and waiting weeks for each prototype to be made, I'm still not entirely happy but damn if the price isn't good.

I have to pull the trigger soon to get them made before Chinese new year or wait til June 2015 for delivery.
Not liking that choice but its the game we play and the absolute minimum quantity I must produce is 1000 pieces.

For so little money it is insanely cool.

Imagine, if you will, a Pyrex parrot for about the same cost as an alcoholmeter...

This is for Baby Dragon, higher producing stills are not intended to be used.


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  • Any chance of there being an option with a ground glass 24/40 connection?

  • Not in the near future. It could surely be done but the minimum order is just too high.
    I wanted something like the following so an adjustable stand could be used... maybe later.
    Chinese new year shutdown is knocking at my door and its not certain if what we have working will be ready before then.


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  • Ordered the fifth set of prototypes today to be made. It pretty clear that they will not be ready to include in the sea freights that ship out before Chinese new year :(

  • Oh those are cool, I may need one :-?

  • @County_X said: price?

    They are not even built yet, still getting prototypes. Suffice to say it will be cheaper than any parrot you have ever seen.

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  • edited November 2014

    The fifth set of glass parrot prototypes should arrive in a couple of days and I already want to make yet another change. So another round of prototypes will need to be made - I hope the factory doesn't think I'm jerking them around.
    @Punkin showed me these little alcos after the fifth set of prototypes were ordered.
    They are 0-40, 40-70 and 70-100 and also includes a glass thermometer 0-50°C and a temperature correction table. All in a nice protective plastic case.
    Tan ordered a set for me I really like them because they are so easy to read. BUT they are taller than the 0-100 BabyFire alco (shown at the very bottom) so the glass parrot needs to be re-worked again.
    This is going to be really cool IF I ever get it right.



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  • @Lloyd does they work with the normal parrot?

  • @crystal_skull said: Lloyd does they work with the normal parrot?

    Yes, they would work but an inch or two of SS scrubby balled up and dropped into the parrot would help because they are shorter than a standard SD DragonFire alcoholmeter.

  • edited November 2014

    cant wait to get my hands on one @lloyd! going to be a long 3-4months!

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