Yeast Wanted (AU)

Hey All

I am after some yeast,

Safspirit Malt
Safspirit Fruit
Safspirit Grain
Safspirit American whisky

Any other whisky yeast you can think of

Hell I just want to build up a collection of yeast strains

I am after roughly 100g each of the Safspirit and 30-100g of anything else people have, happy to pay a reasonable price plus postage :)

The Safspirit bricks are about 70-80AUD plus delivery and Tbh I will be yeast washing and growing these strains so not sure if I need a whole brick (I am tempted)

So if anyone has anything in there cupboard that they dont want or whatever let me know :)

Happy to take Liquid yeast if it is chilled

At the moment I am using US-05 for my whisky, and I have S-04 and EC1118 sitting in my fridge


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    Depending on where you are I can sling you a little bit of EDV-493 for rum or swap some for some ec-1118, you will just need to breed it up a bit before pitching. It seems to be really good for generations, it fires up again within an hour or 2 of dumping more wash in the fermenter and loves the heat.

  • I have all the above. Only one I can add is some Daddy's cause I have a lot of it, if you're interested.

  • What's it cost to send from the states? I can send you some American Whiskey. I didn't care for it, thought it was a stink bomb.

  • Just saw on ebay an Australian guy selling 10gm of safspirit american whiskey yeast for $5 with free postage so if you are going to recycle/wash the yeast that may be a good alternative to buying a brick of it.

  • drop me a PM as I have quite a few yeasts in the fridge - can't recall what at the moment but do recall having ec1118, saf malt, saf american, saf grain, edv493

  • @Clickeral you have a prezzie headed your way :) They tell me 7-10 days so a week from Monday.

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